Snowrunner Save Editor

This is a save editor for the snowrunner video game. It allows you to load your saved game file, and edit your progress in the game. The following can be done:

  • Increase your money and rank
  • Make tasks and missions easier by partially completing them. This is especially useful for the redundant logging tasks. For example, you can reduce a task to require only 1 load by marking other loads as complete.
  • Reveal hidden upgrade locations, and obtain the upgrades if you're really lazy.

Important notes:

  • You must accept the task or mission in the game before it shows up here.
  • Using the editor to fully complete a task or mission will work, but you will not receive rewards for it. It is recommended to complete the last part of the task in the game.
  • Always make a backup of your saved game file, just in case.


Load the CompleteSave.cfg file:

  • 1st save slot = CompleteSave.cfg
  • 2nd save slot = CompleteSave1.cfg
  • 3rd save slot = CompleteSave2.cfg
  • 4rd save slot = CompleteSave3.cfg

With steam, the file is located in [steam install]/userdata/[steam_id]/1465360/remote.
With epic or other platforms, navigate to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\base\storage. You will see a folder with a generated key like 9544ed6c186247e1bfeb0df3f9d013a8. The file is located in this folder.