Turn your ideas into reality.

Web Application Development
Create a web application or SaaS service for your business or startup. Utilize the latest technologies to create a fast, responsive, and easy-to-use experience for your users. Deploy to the cloud for reduced maintenance and lower costs. Enhance an existing application to take advantage of new technologies and modern design.
Application Design

Modern, responsive designs, that work on all device sizes and utilize a modern tech stack. Create a rich and easy-to-use experience, all with blazing fast performance.

Cloud and Serverless Applications

Gone are the days of deploying to servers. Most modern applications can be built serverless and deployed to the cloud, for virtually limitless scaling, and reduced maintenance.

Application Modernization

Bring your legacy application up-to-date with a modern tech stack, responsive design, improved styling, and modern architecture. By using a micro-frontend pattern, you can modernize your application in stages.

SaaS Development

Create APIs for ane existing application, or create services from scratch. Utilize GraphQL for a modern API, and create a rich experience for your users.

Mobile Development
Create a mobile application for your existing web application, with a seamless user experience. Or create a standalone mobile experience from scratch. There are many framework choices for mobile app development, but I recommend using PWAs or React Native for the best experience and lowest maintenance.

Progressive Web Apps allow the creation of mobile apps by simply using responsive design, and they are downloaded directly from a website, instead of the app stores.

Native Android & IOS Apps

Implement the same experience across all devices. Utilize React Native to enable a shared codebase with easier implementations and easier maintenance.

Technology Consulting
Do you have an idea, but don't know where to start? I can help walk you through different technology solutions, from utilizing existing solutions, to custom implementations.
Determine the right software, process, or technology for your business.
  • Emerging technologies like AI and Machine Learning
  • Choosing between existing software solutions and a custom implementation
  • Determine how to make your business processes more efficient
Other Services
With a wide range of experience, I can help with a variety of services. From custom integrations and workflows, to security and privacy, to cloud migration, and 3D rendering, if you have a unique problem, I can find a solution.
Integrations & Workflows

Implementation of custom integrations and workflows to connect your applications with each other or to external services.

Security & Privacy

Implementation of custom security solutions, encryption, or E2EE applications.

Cloud Migration

Guidance for moving on-premise applications to the cloud, converting legacy backends to serverless, or creating hybrid solutions.

3D Rendering

Create rich experiences on your website or web application like 3D interactive product visualizations

Performance Optimization

Improve the performance of an existing application or service


Accept crypto as payment, allow anonymous logins with web3 wallets, or integrate blockchain into your business.