My Process

  1. In an initial meeting, we will talk about the business goals or challenges that you want to solve. We will also determine if I am a good fit for the project.
  2. We will work together to define requirements of the project, and I will provide a proposal with a timeline and cost estimate.
  3. The work will be done in an iterative process, with regular demos and feedback. This allows for changes to be made early and often, and ensures that the final product matches your vision.
  4. The final product will be delivered to a staging environment, where it can be thoroughly tested. After any issues are resolved, the product will be deployed to production.
  5. After the product is live, I will provide support and maintenance as needed.

My code philosophy

Performance and optimization. I love optimizing code by using efficient data structures and caching techniques, to make an application as fast and lightweight as possible. These techniques also help in reducing network traffic, reducing server load, and lowering costs.

Privacy and Security. I’m a big privacy advocate, and fan of client-side encryption or end-to-end encryption (E2EE). I also believe in limiting stored user data, making sure that any analytical data is completely anonymous, and prioritizing security.

Offline-first development. By building web apps to work offline (service workers, server-side push, etc), it also results in an app that feels like a desktop app with near instant loading times. Even if the app is never intended to be used offline, it still results in a better user experience.

Prototype first workflow. I’m a big fan of extreme programming methodology, and the “fail fast” mentality. I love to get a prototype out the door as quickly as possible, to verify the initial vision. While other developers are still debating the best tech stack, I’ve already got a prototype up and running.

Open Source

I’m a big fan of open source, and try to contribute to open source projects as much as time allows. The biggest contributions I’ve made are related to Standard Notes (a privacy focused and simple note-taking app) where I’ve worked on plugins and tooling infrastructure to make it easier to write plugins.

See a list of my open source projects on my GitHub profile


BS in Computer Engineering @ Michigan Technological University

The tech

Here is a list of the current technologies I use, and have experience with:

Frontend: SolidJS, Svelte, React, NextJS, Angular, Astro, Tailwind

Databases: AWS DynamoDB, Google Firestore, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis, GraphQL

APIs: NodeJS, AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Cloudflare Workers, Java & Spring

DevOps: AWS, Google Cloud, Cloudflare, Vercel, Docker, Github Actions


Outside of work, I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, reading non-fiction books (learning new stuff), and playing with our dog Basti.